Building Lasting Peace Through Forgiveness

Burundi has seen on-off armed violence for more than 40 years since gaining independence in 1962. Its conflict issues are rooted in political and historical tensions between different social groups.  In 1993-1994, Burundi went through an ethnically motivated armed conflict which left more than 300,000 dead and more displaced in refugee camps. Mass killings in 1972 and 1993 are considered to be acts of genocide, according to the UN Security Council in 2002. Although much of the violence has subsided in recent years, extreme poverty, a lack of law and order, and difficulty of integrating former rebels into state institutions, continue to be major barriers to stability and sustainable peace in the country.

Impact Burundi is building lasting peace in rural communities by bringing people together in love, ministries, financial collaboration, and by leading the conversation on forgiveness, courage, and healing. Help support our work in Burundi