Our Founder's Story

Executive Director: Libere Dusabe Inspiring Life Journey

The vision for Impact Burundi began in the heart of Libere Dusabe a Burundi Native and his faith-filled difficult journey to the United States.

I grew up in a family that liked to pray and help others. My parents made sure that their children learned from them to help others whenever they could. I went to church every Sunday and participated in Sunday’s schools, but, I did not really know God. It was just a routine of being born into and surrounded by Christian families.

I really knew and learned about God during the 1993 civil war when God saved my life on many occasions. I discovered how awesome He is when I fled and got help in many countries, I went through by people who did not know me or speak my language. When life became difficult, I sometimes wondered why God created me to face such struggles. At other times, my heart told me that maybe there was a reason, and that gave me strength to believe that God was preparing me for something important. I remember promising God that I would follow Him and work for Him if He would save me from my suffering. He answered me by bringing me to America.

Did I keep my promises to God? Well, I think that when life is good it’s easy to ignore God, put our trust in material things and think that we don’t need Him. I got caught in that trap and became like I was before the 1993 civil war in Burundi.

I worked hard when I arrived here. Materially, I was able to get what a lot of people want because they think it will make them happy, especially if they were like me and grew up not having very much. I enjoyed peace and safety, cars, a nice house, a healthy family, and an education. But there were times I became frustrated and I wondered why because I had everything, I thought I needed to be happy. After a long time of thinking and reflecting, I realized that I hadn’t been putting God first. I realize that even those who put God first sometimes get frustrated and stressed out, but they are more likely to humble themselves and turn to him during difficult times. They are also more likely to love and care for others like Jesus did. In my case, I think I was concerned only about myself and my family. I forgot about all of the struggles I endured and the promises I had made to God. Everything was about me. I helped some refugees who did not speak English to adjust life in this country, but I still wasn’t putting God first. I wanted to do more by investing in other peoples’ lives, so I co-founded development projects in rural areas of Burundi (Africa) to create employment, eradicate hunger and gender inequality, promote health, and encourage reconciliation between my countrymen.

I feel like my life makes more sense now than before. Through God’s grace, our mission, and our board, we are happy about the fact that there are people in need whose lives are beginning to improve. That is why I am encouraging others to help make this world a better place.