Clean Water and Sanitation

Burundi is the most densely populated country in Africa with nearly half of the population lacking access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation services. Lack of clean water is a crisis, particularly for local children and pregnant women. Poor access to clean water undermines their development. For girls, they often miss out on education and are at risk of sexual violence as they make long journeys to fetch clean water.

Here at Impact Burundi, we believe that water is life. We believe that clean water provides many opportunities to local farmers and entrepreneurs. When people in the community have access to clean water and sanitation services, they have more time to focus on their health, they empower their children to attend school, farming systems are improved because of having access to clean water nearby, children malnutrition is reduced, and communities flourish but becoming more financially independent. Your support for the water program allows Impact Burundi to provide clean water and sanitation services to more communities.