Impact Burundi (IB) operates in Burundi under the name of Burundi Development Solutions (BDS). The mission of IB/BDS is to transform the lives of people living in poverty in Burundi into people with better physical, spiritual, and emotional health. IB/BDS encourages people to participate in joint projects and to help them build their own projects that provide them with their daily food. IB/BDS also seeks to transform their world view to the Christ-centered one.


IB/BDS is a local Burundi non-profit organization. Its mission is to eliminate hunger, and the transformation of the broken and impoverished local communities into autonomous and healthy communities. In the USA, the support arm of BDS is known as Impact Burundi Objectives IB/BDS’ ambition is to achieve the following.


  • Generate income in the community through quick impact projects. 
  • Improve the overall health of the community by providing access to food with high nutritional value.
  • Provide technical training and financial support to enable beneficiaries to effectively manage their development projects.
  • Promote the health of beneficiaries by facilatating access to health care.
  • Area of Intervention Currently, IB/BDS is intervening in Kibimba Hill which is in Giheta commune, Gitega province.